Writing and graphing piecewise functions worksheets

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Writing and graphing piecewise functions worksheets

Note that Compositions of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions can be found here.

Even Functions

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Functions Functions, like numbers, can actually be added, subtracted, multiplied and even divided.

These operations are pretty obvious, but I will give examples anyway. So we have two functions here: Total amount spent at cosmetics store, given full price of items: Look how we get the same amount that we spent by first evaluating the functions separately plugging numbers in and then adding the amounts, and second by adding the functions and then evaluating that combined function: We will go over this later here.

Increasing, Decreasing and Constant Functions You might be asked to tell what parts of a function are increasing, decreasing, or constant.

Note that we also address this concept in the Calculus: Curve Sketching section here. The answer will always with soft brackets, since the exact point where the function changes direction is neither increasing, decreasing, nor remaining constant.

The function would be discontinuous at that point. Even and Odd Functions There are actually three different types of functions: One reason the engineers out there need to know if functions are even or odd is that they can do less computations if they know functions have certain traits. You will go over all this symmetry stuff in Geometry.

Here are some examples with some simple functions: Make sure to be really careful with the signs, especially with the even and odd exponents. Functions that are neither even or odd have a combination of even exponents and odd exponents terms.

Note that this works on polynomials only; for example, it does not necessarily work with a function that is a quotient of two polynomials. The store allows you to use both of them, in any order. You need to figure out which way is the better deal. Of course, if you could only use one of the discounts, the amount you save depends on how much you spend, but you are allowed to use both.

writing and graphing piecewise functions worksheets

For now, look at first two columns only: Another way to look at it is the output of the inner function becomes the input of the outer function. You can do this without even knowing what the functions are! Remember, we work with inside functions first. The output of the new graph is 6.

So we could go to 6 movies that month. Here are more examples, with more complicated graphs: I know this can be really confusing, but if you go through it a few times, it gets easier! I like to think of this like performing surgery on them — opening them up and seeing what the pieces are!

But you should get problems that make it pretty straightforward. The best way to show this is with an example. When we decompose, the function on the outside or the left is the last thing we do.

Since we performed the functions above in the following order: The last thing we did was square something and subtract 4 g xbefore that, we took something and multiplied it by 5 and then added 8 to it k xbefore that, we added 3 to something f xand then before that multiplied x by 2 h x.

Again, since we work from the inside out, we have to start with the last thing we did and go forward: These are like fun puzzles sorry — the nerd in me is coming out!

Again, we know so far that domain is restricted if:Software for math teachers that creates exactly the worksheets you need in a matter of minutes.

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Inverse Functions – In this section we will define an inverse function and the notation used for inverse functions. We will also discuss the process for finding an inverse function. Trig Functions – In this section we will give a quick review of. Writing functions Applying functions to translation To learn more about how to translate piecewise functions, review the lesson Translating Piecewise Functions which covers the following.

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