Write access sql iif

Nested iif functions vs the switch function To contact the author click here This article is from the book " Access Pure SQL " To download the sample database click here Determine discount amounts based on customer sales volumes Discussion: Our sales manager wants to provide order discounts to customers based on their historical sales volume with the company. Thus, if a customer has a certain recorded sales volume, the next time she orders, she will get a predetermined discount rate regardless of her new order amount. Our job is to create a datasheet that will list customers and show the corresponding discount rate for each customer.

Write access sql iif

It's useful when you have a list of things you want to pull out or mark, but don't want to go through a large database to find them. In the syntax above, expr is an expression representing the field with the data you're evaluating.

write access sql iif

For instance, if you're trying to determine whether the median salary of your department falls within a certain range, expr would be replaced with an expression calculating your department's median salary; for evaluating individual salaries, you would use the field name.

Value1 and value2 are the bookends of your range. You would replace these with either numbers or with expressions — for instance, an expression that calculates the median salaries of two other departments.

NOT, of course, evaluates whether expr lies outside of the range you have specified. Post Office charges postage in ranges they will share with you. If you want to have the correct postage, you need to sort your packages by ranges.

write access sql iif

This code piece can be used to pull out all like shipping for organized bulk mailing, or it can be used as part of a larger SQL query designed to manage all your shipping.

This function is very useful for classifying items in two different ways: Expressions that are found to be equal to one of the values are marked True, and those that aren't are marked False. For example, if you were running a sale on specified items only, you could identify items on sale by the UPC code:The preceding example uses the IIf function to evaluate the givven expression and returns the word "Expensive" if the amount is greater than ; otherwise, it returns the word "Cheap".

SQL query You can also use the iif function in a query. I am writing SQL query in MS Access.

SQL IN/BETWEEN in Microsoft Access The Access Query Designer should look something like this: Now if you run the query as-is via either selecting Query Run from the menu bar or by clicking on the button the following results are displayed.

I came across a need for the following IF statement IF (branch= 'TEST') THEN (branch = '' and subbranch='') ELSE branch = 'TEST0' Looking in google.

I have a project that can use either SQL Server or MS Access as the data store. In one SELECT statement, I must perform a COALESCE operation on a single column and a single value, like this: SEL.

Our data resides in numerous MS SQL Server R2 databases. Data is accessed via various MS Access front end databases. The 2 most common are for managing customer demographic information and the other is for processing customer orders.

In every business there are several different groups of report users, from chief executives, to business analysts, to operational staff, who all need access to reliable and current data in order to track overall business performance, investigate the effectiveness of individual business functions, or simply for ad-hoc day-to-day reporting.

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Step-by-step examples demonstrate how to use SQL script to create tables.

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