Understanding life as we live it

I'm not endorsing every single word spoken or written by any of these authors including Joan Tollifson. The list includes books from a variety of different perspectives, and in many cases, they may seem to contradict each other. Some of them say that life including you and your whole spiritual journey is nothing but a dream-like illusion, while others say this present happening is all there is.

Understanding life as we live it

More than usual, more than the 28 years before that. One event triggered a whole series of events. Slowly but surely I am beginning to understand many things.

And this, this is just the beginning. The reason why I am still in Berlin and not in Perth or anywhere else in Australia, or whichever tropical paradise for that matter, is this: I needed more time to understand life, love and myself.

And for this, I needed to stand still, stay put and not move — no matter how uncomfortable it would get. When we move and travel to different places, we get distracted. I wanted to focus and sit it out. For now, I want explain what helped me, and still is helping me, in this process of understanding.

We keep a lot in our heads, all these thoughts going round and round. You want to make sense of them? Explore their real meaning? Write letters to yourself. To an imaginary friend. I have written many letters to someone who left me this year. It helped me to organise my feelings, my thoughts, my anger.

My head sometimes goes nuts. I chase the same thoughts over and over, and sometimes I think this will drive me mad one day. Writing slows down this neverending nightmare thought rollercoaster. If you are sad and desparate and crying, write.

If you feel lonely, write. If you want to understand life and yourself better, write. I started meditating this summer on the beach in Thailand. More out of desperation than anything else, but it has stuck with me and opened up worlds and a new understanding for life and myself I never thought possible.

I try to do it everyday in the mornings, and most nights I meditate myself to sleep. With meditation, albeit a practice in itself, I got interested in Buddhist thought and teachings.

I now go to the Buddhist center in Berlin every Sunday evening for group meditations and talks by the teacher of the center. I have read many books that deal with Buddhist thought this year and my Amazon wishlist is full of them. I would never call me a Buddhist or religious in any sense I hate following dogmasbut this approach to life makes a lot of sense to me.The key is understand that we will not automatically receive materials blessing and to acknowledge that we can be remarkable blessed, and live an abundant life.

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Understanding life as we live it

Please note that some features may not function properly. Please refresh your browser if your internet. Reflections: Life As We Live It The Stranger - by Albert Camus (book cover) Where there is no respect and/or love, there is no connection and no investment in understanding one another. Oct 07,  · Life as We Know It.

PG | 1h 54min for legal reasons, to live life as a couple for a limited period of time. At stake is a large amount of money. Therefore, Hollywood, please send us more movies like this one, and fans, take time out from life's more mundane practices and make plans for a view.

Understanding life as we live it

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