Soup-to-nuts business plan

Share Title card Soup to Nuts is an American feature film written by Rube Goldberg and directed by Benjamin Stoloff, which marks the film debut of the comic trio who would go on to become known as the Three Stooges.

Soup-to-nuts business plan

Two groups representing South End residents and businesses are proposing creating an addiction treatment and research campus at Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain, where patients dealing with addiction could get everything they need.

After the ravages of withdrawal, some will rely on willpower and a step program to help them stay away from heroin.

The next stage might be a halfway house or a group home dedicated to sober living. When there are gaps between any of these stages, patients often relapse. Steve Fox, who leads a group of South End neighborhood associations, has been watching this cycle of addiction, treatment and relapse in his community for years.

There would be one in Boston, and others around the state.

soup-to-nuts business plan

On these campuses, patients would find everything they need to manage their addiction, including detox to get them through withdrawal, all varieties of step programs, all types of medication treatment, inpatient facilities, outpatient care and mental health services.

The campus would offer transitional housing, maybe a sober home, assistance finding a more permanent residence, career counseling and job placement.

There'd be a research wing to collect data on what's working and what's not.

soup-to-nuts business plan

If we can't figure this out, who can? Their message is beginning to take hold. Walsh, who speaks often about his own recovery, likes the continuum of care the campus would provide.

There are residential addiction treatment programs on Cape Cod, in Worcester and on the North Shore that keep patients through many stages of recovery. But they do call the campus idea "Long Island 2. They have a suggested site for the campus: It houses prisoners who need health care, some state mental health and public health programs, and a methadone clinic.

Pine Street Inn runs a men's shelter on the property.

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Part of the facility is not in use because it's not up to code. The Baker administration is reviewing its capacity and use. The Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain houses prisoners who need health care, some state mental health and public health programs, and a methadone clinic.

Would we be comfortable having our loved ones served in that type of institutionalized setting, especially over an extended period of time? But if there's going to be a major investment, the money might be better spent on programs in communities.

Fox and Sullivan say addiction campuses would be the hub of wheels, with spokes connecting patients to ongoing care in their community. He was enthusiastic about the idea of a recovery campus.Click the course title below for more details.

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