Mark twain essays the lowest animal

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Mark twain essays the lowest animal

The Environment Mark Twain said that man is the lowest animal, according to his research and experiments. Sometimes Twain prove his ideas with a good example but in general his ideas and experiments not strong enough to say man is the lowest animal.

In my opinion an is not the lowest animal actually we could not compare with human and animals. Humans and animals are quite different in terms of consciousness. While humans has a chance to develop themselves animals has not. Animals maintain their neutral situation forever.

Also,men can reach the highest level if maintain his life with their innate virtue but of course he can be the lowest animal by making wrong decisions.

However,Twain looked to the picture just from one side,he always emphasized that men is the lowest animal. He is not mention about pozitive features of human.

Therefore,I disagree with Twain generally. Firstly,I will mention about negative features of human which is Twain right after I will explain my disaggrement.

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Firstly,if the man make wrong things,namely ,if they behave according to just their desire,its highly possible to lose their innate virtue and they may become lower than what they really are.

He killed 72 buffalo with his friends just for entertainment and they ate one of them. Also humans accumulate money more than they need Twain said page Humans are eager to gain money and stock the food. While some countries still struggling with hunger,some countries continue to accumulating some stuff what they do not really need.

Animals are not like that.? We can understand it by looking history. There are lots of war had happened throughout theFifty Orwell Essays, by George Orwell, free ebook.

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or US) or America, is a country composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions. At million square miles ( million km 2), the United States is the world's third- or fourth-largest country by total area and slightly smaller than the entire.

Essay – The Lowest Animal > The statement that can best be made about the purpose of The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain is that he believes that mankind is immoral, vulgar, wasteful, vengeful, discriminatory; cruel, greed, and obscene.

Mark twain essays the lowest animal

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