Lean manufacturing case studies

I have been fortunate to read many books from a great many authors on a number of aspects on Lean. A good book can be a great place for some to learn about Lean and how to implement the concepts in their company. The following is a list of books I recommend on learning Lean in no particular order.

Lean manufacturing case studies

David Drickhamer June 5, Case Studies To make sure training engaged and resonated with people after previous attempts at a lean transformation faltered, LifeWay matched lean management tools and principles to its Bible-based culture and language.

David Drickhamer November 23, Case Studies The following Lean Enterprise Institute case study reveals how Thrustmaster of Texas successfully adopted lean thinking and practices to make sustainable improvements in a short period of time, and how other manufacturers of highly engineered, low-volume products can follow their lead using the Lean Transformation Framework.

Instead, it expands the pull system by connecting the plan-for-every-part database that underpins one-piece flow production with the enterprise resource planning system, typically associated with big batch production.

Instead of following the traditional linear economic model of take, make, dispose, it follows a circular model of reuse, remanufacture, and recycle. Learn the business and environmental payoffs of linking lean and clean.

Chet Marchwinski February 5, Case Studies Two continuous improvement leaders explain how they successfully use book clubs to spread and align understanding of lean management at a large company with multiple sites.

They describe their club process and offer startup tips to CI professionals or other leaders who want to organize business book clubs. Doug Bartholomew July 10, Case Studies Instead of wiping out with a Southern California surfing school, the lean management principle of standardized had a positive impact, helping it boost surfing time for students, the number of students per class, and revenue.

But the subsiding waters also exposed a rebuilding process that needed rethinking. In this LEI case study, we take a close look at how lean management principles are improving disaster recovery around New Orleans and the U. David Lean manufacturing case studies May 28, Case Studies Imagine if you could create a culture of excellence and improvement in a large healthcare organization.

Marchwinski, Chet May 16, Case Studies Learn how a variety of businesses and organizations used lean management principles to solve real business problems. Marchwinski, Chet April 1, Case Studies When medical device maker Phase 2 fought off an overseas challenge by meeting the global price, margins took a big hit.

Lean Solutions:

With help from customer Medtronic Advanced Energy, the company rebuilt margins by lifting its lean operating system to a higher level and keeping it there with a "golden triangle" of sustainability. Tanner is in the appreciation business. It develops employee reward and recognition programs and manufactures a wide variety of emblems, rings, trophies, and other custom products that complement the programs.

And if you are in the appreciation business, you have to live it in your own workplace. The design of both the facility and future operations is being shaped directly by patients and those who care for them.

How was Lean Manufacturing developed?

Input from nurses, doctors, therapists, technicians, and patient parents heavily influenced design decisions—from incorporating emergency room hallways that protect the privacy of abused children to the number of electrical outlets in each neonatal intensive care room.

Drickhamer, David November 29, Case Studies In this lean management success story, we visit Plumbers Supply Company to learn how it is making significant progress toward a lean business conversion two years after its first kaizen workshop. Starting with daily management walkabouts and standard work, the year-old, family-owned distributor has laid the groundwork for steady gains for years to come.

Bartholomew, Doug February 22, Case Studies After laying off employees and still facing a continuing budget shortfall, the City of Chula Vista, CA, faced a seemingly impossible dilemma: See all the executive interviews in the series. Their work has yielded dramatic floorspace and inventory reductions, and improved operational flexibility, which is helping the company manage the global economic downturn.

For example a major check that used to take 32, man-hours was cut to 21, hours in six months. An internal lean internship program steeps factory and front-office associates in the principles of lean and leadership by connecting the concepts to actual work. Ariens attributes its ability to acquire companies, enter new markets, and remain competitive in tough times to the program, which has helped it grow without dramatic increases in staff.

Case Studies

David Drickhamer November 19, Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams For several years the Iowa Veterans Home has used lean concepts to improve processes spanning the departments that deliver care to over U. This lean case study looks at a recent kaizen event at the Veterans Home and more broadly at the five-year old lean effort in Iowa government.

After all, each of its work sites is different and changes with the seasons, soil conditions, and weather. Chet Marchwinski September 9, Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams; Forms and Templates; Value-Stream Maps A series of cross-functional lean improvement teams in the Radiation Oncology Department at the University of Michigan Health System UMHS applied lean principles to processes to dramatically increase the percentage of patients with bone or brain metastases receiving consultation, simulation, and first treatment on the same day.

Life Magazine cover from on radiation oncology. Douglas Bartholomew August 19, Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams While lean principles and practices have been widely adopted in manufacturing over the last couple of decades, their use in the warehouse and distribution center environment has been somewhat slower to catch on.

For that reason, executives at Menlo Worldwide Logistics saw an opportunity to leapfrog the competition by embracing lean in its outsourced warehousing and receiving operations. Chet Marchwinski June 24, Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams When it began a lean transformation inNew Balance, the only athletic shoe manufacturer that still makes some products in the U.

Next, with help from the Toyota Supplier Support Center, management began organizing the change effort around problem solving and process improvement to create a culture that would engage the workforce while moving the company to higher level. Leaders are making better decisions, and flexibility has given Buck a unique advantage even though it had more reasons than most companies to shun lean concepts.

To cope with the budget squeeze, Grand Rapids, MI, has turned to lean principles.Featured Supply Chain articles page, from SCDigest is the industry's best publication and web site for supply chain management and logistics practioners to find information, news, insight, education, opinion and tools.

We cover supply chain, logistics, distribution, RFID, material handling, transportation, supply chain software, manufacturing, supply chain strategy and much more. In this follow-up story to our case study about Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing, Inc., the company faces an enviable dilemma: because the lean transformation has spurred strong sales growth, Phase 2 needs a new or expanded parts warehouse.

This case-study is a synopsis of an article authored by Noel Hennessey which appeared in the Lean Management Journal in September (Not for reproduction with the prior authorisation of the author.).

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Lean manufacturing is based on the Toyota Production System developed by Toyota which focuses on eliminating waste, reducing inventory, improving throughput, and encouraging employees to bring attention to problems and suggest improvements to fix them (Womack et al. The following is a partial transcript of a guest lecture given at Carnegie Mellon University Australia on the 18th of July The lecture was delivered by Paul Smith as an Introduction to Lean Manufacturing for students undertaking the Master of Science in Information Technology course.

Lean manufacturing case studies

The talk focuses on removing waste from business processes to improve productivity, quality and safety. In the last several years, scholarly journals have published a number of articles that focus on the content of lean production or comprise of case studies that concentrate on individual firm experiences.

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