How to write and post a comment on facebook

News Feed The news feed is the primary system through which users are exposed to content posted on the network. Using a secret method initially known as EdgeRankFacebook selects a handful of updates to actually show users every time they visit their feed, out of an average of updates they can potentially receive. Originally, when users logged into Facebook, they were presented with a customizable version of their own profile. The new layout, by contrast, created an alternative home page in which users saw a constantly updated list of their friends' Facebook activity.

How to write and post a comment on facebook

Facebook posts especially—given the dramatic dip in reach —can feel like a mystery. How do you create the perfect Facebook post? Does the perfect Facebook post even exist? I went looking for answers and came across a heap of best practices and examples of what goes into a perfect Facebook post.

A perfect Facebook post: Take this one from The Musefor example a Facebook page that routinely engages 50 percent of its fans per post.

how to write and post a comment on facebook

It nails the elements of post type, length, and imagery. Post by The Daily Muse. Of course, as with all of the best practices mentioned below, you can take them as a jumping off point to your own experiments and tests. Link posts that use the built-in Facebook link format receive twice as many clicks compared to links typed into a photo update.

Their findings suggest that link format trumps photos, and their guidelines point to a post type—status, photo, link, video—that fits the story.

When sharing content on Facebook, the choice is often between sharing as a link and sharing as a photo. It would seem the best results will come from links. So what does a link post look like compared to a photo post? And how can you publish one and not the other? When you paste a link into the update box on your Facebook page, Facebook will pull this information in automatically and place it in a link format.

Photo posts require that you upload and attach a photo to your update. The photo stands alone, underneath the custom text that you choose to add. You can include a link in the custom text as well these are the links that fail to get the better click rate compared to link posts.

The way to create a link post might not be immediately clear from the update composer on Facebook. Once this happens, you can delete the URL out of the composer window and type in your own catchy intro.

To get things looking exactly right with the link that you share, you can control the text and image by editing the open graph tags on your page.

Track Social noticed the same effect in its study: What type of a message can you fit into your post with so little space? Here are a couple examples: The character intro is more of a teaser, supplemented by the text in the link itself. You compete with hundreds of thousands of posts to be seen in the Facebook News Feeds of your fans.

If you post your updates when few others are posting, your updates stand a better chance of making it through. And Track Maven found some data to back it up. In their study of 5, pages and over 1. Among the tips, post on Saturdays and Sundays and post after regular work hours.

The best window for a workday is 5: For another bump in engagement, try posting on the weekend. A perfect Facebook post is part of a consistent sharing strategy Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster analyzed data on 8, Facebook pages data courtesy of AgoraPulse to identify how brands were impacted by the apparent drop in organic reach.

They came away with some intriguing stats more than 70 percent of pages had a 30 percent or more decline in organic reach and some best practices from the handful of pages that are succeeding. In particular, they focused on four pages that had found success and the four characteristics that each page had in common:Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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To create a new paragraph or line break within a comment, hold Shift on your keyboard, and then press Enter (on a PC) or Return (on a Mac). To comment on a video or photo: Click on the video or photo. Commenting Basics. How do I comment on something I see on Facebook?

To comment on something: Click Comment under the post or in the white box that says Write a comment. Type your comment. Press enter or return to publish it. When you post something on Facebook.

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