Design of concrete structure with staadpro essay

The introductory example is the single bay, single story portal frame shown below. If you are continuing with an existing input file, then click on "Open Old File" to access the window shown below. If you do not have an existing input file, the Introductory Tutorial for Structural Analysis will help you create one.

Design of concrete structure with staadpro essay

Only questions posted as Public are visible on our website. The project will involve doing the following mandatory procedures: The plan of building has a regular beam and column arrangement through 7 stories.

Story heights are as follows — first two stories are 15 ft, next 2 stories are 12 ft and the top 3 stories are 10 ft.

Design of concrete structure with staadpro essay

The small squares indicate column locations. The columns are identified by the lines A — F and 1 — 6.

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Thus the column shown shaded would be identified as column C-1 and shaded area between C3, D3, C4 and D4 is open area. Analyze the structure and prepare table of member forces in frame members. The floor service loads are: Dead load include self-weight 2.

Roof Live Load 3. North-South Wind W1 7. Use the following sequence: Select all members 3. Select members The final design iteration performed by STAAD will indicate that for each group, the size selection was done based on a particular member the one with the worst loading. Thus, there will be 4 such members noted — one for each group.

Model the frame as a moment frame. Model the frame as a braced frame choose diagonal bracing in corner bays.

AutoCAD file directly from STAAD Pro V8i - Computerized Civil Engineer

Use HSS shapes as brace members. Release the moments at both ends of only the bracing members. Adding braces will increase the total number of member. Comment on the final design for both options.

Compare the final outcome of the two designs using typical indicators such as chosen sizes for the various groups, maximum lateral drift for the wind case etc. You will be evaluated based on the following criteria:Staad Pro Best STAAD PRO Training in Pune Duration of Training: 50 hours Is the structural engineering professional’s choice for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel design of virtually any structure including culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, piles, and much more through its flexible modeling.

Design Project. Objectives: To be able to idealize and analyze any structure using fundamental principles of structural design. To understand the basic approach in the analysis and design by using STAADpro.

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View Mohammed Irfan’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. > Participated in college and school level debate and essay competition. However, no provision was made in the structural design of the old structure for additional load due to future construction over existing structure.

This requires the Title: Structural Design Engineer at .

Design of concrete structure with staadpro essay

a) Specifying the appropriate Concrete design code and associated design parameters. b) Issuing the Concrete design commands and perform a code check. c) Using the Post-Processor to review and verify analysis and design results.

Published: Tue, 18 Apr This chapter gives an insight into the topics involved in this dissertation, it starts with a review of the key items involved to complete this project such as the programs used to design and analyze the structure as in Auto cad, and STAAD pro.

to obtain analysis results from STAAD Pro to design calculations, hence to automate this process an MS Excel spread sheet has been developed. concrete design, connection design, etc. This library of functions goes by the name After analyzing the structure in Staad analysis engine, the.

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