Business presentations without powerpoint viewer

So it's likely you'll come across a PowerPoint Presentation file you need to look at. If you received a PPT file, you are not obligated to purchase Microsoft PowerPoint to view it or ask the person who sent it to create the file in a different way. You can download a free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft or you can use free alternative programs to view and even edit a PPT document. This utility program can be used to see most versions of Microsoft PowerPoint including

Business presentations without powerpoint viewer

Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll http: In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll http: A PowerPoint presentation can be an extremely valuable marketing tool for businesses in this day and age.

Here are a few common business presentations without powerpoint viewer that you should try to avoid when creating your presentations… Excessive Animation Excessive animation can really distract from a presentation. Keep animation to a minimum. Transitions between slides may be appropriate, but a constantly-moving animated image on a slide can make the text on the slide difficult to read, and can distract the viewer from the message.

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Content Stuffing Attempting to include too much content on the slide can be frustrating for audience members, who are trying to read the slide and listen to the presentation at the same time.

The PowerPoint slides should be used simply to highlight and emphasize the talking points. Bulleted lists work great for this, rather than blocks of full text that simply duplicate what the speaker is saying. Including Fancy Fonts Not only are fancy fonts distracting and difficult to read, but many versions of PowerPoint do not embed fonts by default — which means that you may have a font in your presentation that someone else, or another computer, does not have.

Simply reading the PowerPoint slides will not result in a good or memorable presentation. Instead, find a design that is flexible and will enhance your presentation.

There are literally thousands of PowerPoint templates and backgrounds available, covering nearly any topic. Finding a layout that meets your needs should not be too difficult.

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Inconsistency The design theme should be consistent throughout the presentation. A consistent presentation will flow much smoother and be more cohesive, as opposed to slides with different graphic elements and backgrounds that can cause the audience to focus more on the changing graphics and backgrounds than on the message itself.

Excessive Slides The success of a presentation is not determined by the number of slides in the presentation. More is not always better! Lack Of Preparation Practice makes perfect. The best presentations are prepared and rehearsed well in advance of the actual presentation. Make sure you prepare adequately, and practice the presentation multiple times.

Test the hardware, lens focus, microphones, etc, in advance. This will allow you to catch and resolve any technical issues… without having to do it in front of your audience. Distributing Handouts If you have handouts or promotional materials, wait until after the presentation is completed to distribute them.

Handing them out before or during the presentation can disrupt the flow your presentation, and can result in the audience becoming distracted. Lack Of Confidence A confident speaker who knows the material will win every time over a speaker who lacks confidence.

No Connection Connect with the audience by engaging them in the presentation. Maintain eye contact with audience members while you are speaking.

business presentations without powerpoint viewer

As they say, you should always "dress for success. Making a public presentation is never easy for most of us, but avoiding the above issues will help make your presentation much more successful and error-free.Since its release in , Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation program has grown in popularity to a point that it is almost generic.

Now, business people frequently ask "Will there be a PowerPoint," regardless of whether the presenter is actually using the software.

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business presentations without powerpoint viewer

Nowadays the world is surrounded by technology. Instead of creating a poster or brochure to present your information, you create a slideshow using Microsoft PowerPoint, Google slides, or any other software decides that allows you to create presentations.

Free office software for download: free office suites, personal databases, organizers, word processors, text editors, calculators, currency converters, clocks.

Jul 09,  · Haiku Deck provides excellent tools for finding free art to illustrate your business presentations.

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is without question the prettiest PowerPoint . Credit: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition.

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