A comparison of monument and emilys character in a rose for emily by william faulkner

This book is printed on acid-free paper. It loves to traverse the pathless desert and enchanted forest, to roam amidst wild uncultivated nature, and amuse itself with the extravagant effects of untutored passions. If he does not frighten everybody, he is nobody. If he does not shock the ladies, what can be expected of him?

A comparison of monument and emilys character in a rose for emily by william faulkner

It reads conventionally enough till you get to the seventh paragraph where she writes: By telling the reader not to trust her, she manages to make the reader trust her and like her even more. Oh, such a tricky thing the language is.

Taking the bus north, I must have blinked and missed the border altogether. Loyalist paramilitaries killed Catholics, IRA splinter group volunteers killed Protestants and killed police of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and killed British soldiers who did their own share of torture and killing.

Ordinary people were caught in the crossfire. While his friends in the barrio were recruited by the guerrilla movement, right-wing death squads, or the drug cartels, Hector found his gifts and a wider world through art. After arrest and torture by the military—but also after extensive training and practice both as a theater artist and a psychologist—he ended up in exile in Los Angeles where we met.

Just as psychotherapy aims to heal individual trauma, Hector believes that theater—a form of ritual—can offer communal healing.

This time I wanted to be there. Before I say more, let me acknowledge that everything you hear from me may be a load of shite. Especially when that someone only recently offered a benign picture of life in South LA, including the ice cream truck that made the rounds through the neighborhood.

Two weeks after that piece appeared right here in NC, I attended a community meeting where people complained about the ice cream truck that makes the rounds to sell drugs and guns. Too many trees have already died for the many hundreds of thousands of pages that tell how ever since the 12th century the Irish have tried to drive the English conqueror from their island.

In modern times we eventually ended up where we are now: If you want a full history, please look it up. Irish chieftains in the North offered the most resistance to English rule and enlisted military assistance from Catholic Spain.

Land was confiscated from the indigenous Irish Catholics; Protestants from Scotland and England were settled there, trusted to be loyal to the Crown. The first plan was to get rid of the Irish altogether, but someone was needed to work the farms.

A comparison of monument and emilys character in a rose for emily by william faulkner

Catholics were consigned to inferior status not only socially but by law. Flash forward to The Troubles. At last the paramilitaries began to demobilize. With the Good Friday Agreement ofthe governments of Britain and Ireland along with the main armed groups agreed on basic principles that guaranteed Catholics in the North equal access to education, housing, employment, and the vote, along with a share of political power.

For people around the world, including me, the accords represented what was possible. Northern Ireland was the model: They are young and eager to learn from Hector and to experience work in a post-conflict society.

Anna was born in Poland and raised in The Netherlands which is also home to Evanne who has worked in post-conflict Uganda.

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Tania was born in El Salvador, raised in Australia. Tamar is from New York but has lived most recently in Germany and Tunisia. Jeroen is an activist from Belgium who knows more about radical politics in the US than I do.

The Europeans are all fluent in English though all of us struggle to understand the Northern Irish accent. Hector thinks when you are working in your own city or country, you tend to believe you know all about the community. In a foreign context, we are less likely to think we know best.

Ideally, this will carry over into our work when we return home. We share a house, shopping, cleaning, and cooking—the latter turning out to be less of a challenge than expected considering our group includes a few omnivores, a couple of mostly-vegetarians, one dedicated vegetarian, and one raw foods vegan.

The group dynamic affords Hector a chance to use the skills he developed over decades as a psychotherapist though, personally, I find nothing smooths over tension like the shared viewing of online cat videos.

For me the work starts right away when I meet with the Ballymurphy Massacre Families.

A comparison of monument and emilys character in a rose for emily by william faulkner

Their loved ones were gunned down by British paratroopers inthe killings justified with false claims that the dead were all IRA terrorist gunmen.

Forty-two years later, the families are still seeking an official government apology. They want to see the names of their parents and brothers cleared. Their stories of trauma and grief should resonate on both sides of the sectarian divide.

Instantly I conclude this is the reality of Northern Ireland today, a place conversant with the language of human rights and the demand that there be no more culture of impunity.

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Adults who were abused as children in Catholic orphanages and state institutions demonstrate in front of Stormont, the Parliament building, demanding an investigation.

People are filing claims for compensation for their torture years ago by the British. Pain is still there, but they want to put it all behind them. · Abbot, Anne W., (ed.).

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Autumn Leaves, Original Pieces in Prose and Verse. Cambridge, Mass: John Bartlett.

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A Rose for Emily